30 April 2014

British Library Newsroom: lessons for LAC

The new British Library Newsroom opened at the main site for the British Library at St Pancras on Monday.

Many people will miss the old dedicated library at Colindale which the video refers to as having been the Cinderella of the British Library.
That would be a great way to describe the treatment of the newspaper collection at Library and Archives Canada.
Canada's collection remains great, even though unique material was recently junked; a treasure. The treatment is shabby with the collection hidden away, no dedicated newspaper librarian/archivist, no digitization program.
Canada has a lot to learn from Britain (including Wales), Australia, New Zealand and the US.

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Barbara said...

Unfortunately for LAC, the evil step-mother and and ugly step-sisters are still in charge. As long as they hold the purse strings and their attitude to history remains what it has been, Berthiaume will be hard pressed to get Cinderella even a small distance away from her current chimney hearth.