27 April 2014

Zoomer show photos

 Mike More removes the velcro protectors on one of  the "genealogy words" used as a backdrop for the partnership display at the Zoomer Show held at the Ernst and Young Centre, 26-27 April 2-14.
The booth, profiling OGS Ottawa Branch, BIFHSGO and Ottawa City Archives, was in a choice location, near the entrance and about as far from the enthusiastic musical entertainment as it was possible to get.
On Saturday the 26th we recorded 352 people who stopped at the booth for information and advice. Areas of ancestral interest for those I spoke to included Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia/Newfoundland,  Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany,and Poland. A couple of adoptees were interested to receive information on how DNA testing might help them.
Glenn Wright was delighted to discover one of the people who stopped by to talk was a previously unknown relative.

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Glenn W said...

And yes, I am going back to the Zoomer Show this afternoon in search of yet another unknown relative. Clearly, shows of this nature are an untapped genealogical resource. If anyone is interested, my new "relative" and I share a connection to novelist Mazo de la Roche.