21 April 2014

Our (Ottawa) Heroes in The Great World War

While researching WW1 soldiers buried at Beechwood Cemetery last week at the Ottawa City Archives Harriet Fried drew "The Blue Book" to my attention.
The content is well described by the extended title "Our Heroes in (of) The Great World War: Giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history,  including photoengravings of Officers, Nurses, Non-commissioned Officers  and Men from Ottawa, Ontario, and vicinity. Compiled by J. H. Dc Wolfe the history of the war is interspersed with pages of photos and mini-bios of many from the area who served. It's not comprehensive, a few war causalities buried at Beechwood are not included.

You don't have to go the City Archives to read it. Find a digitised copy, not nearly as good resolution as the hard copy I viewed, on the Internet Archive at  https://archive.org/details/82968

Top centre in the image is Nursing Sister Minnie Gallagher, a wartime fatality who will be one of those featured in the Beechwood Cemetery Historical Walking Tour in June.

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Glenn W said...

Your series on Beechwood Cemetery and the First World War is an excellent idea. I might mention that the editor/compiler of "Our Heroes" hoped to produce a series of similar books for other areas of Ontario, if not the country. Evidently, it did not attract a lot of attention, interest or investment and was discontinued not long after being launched. We are very fortunate to have the volume we do for greater Ottawa and eastern Ontario.