12 April 2014

OGS Update

The mission of The Ontario Genealogical Society is to encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage. How are they doing?
The society annual report for 2013 has recently been posted as a pdf for all to view, part of the society initiative to increase transparency, well demonstrated by this extract.

OGS President Shirley Sturdevant highlights several other changes being implemented to revitalise the society including a switch from regional representation on the society Board to six directors at large selected for their personal talents. Hopefully these initiatives will reverse the continuing loss of members, with membership dues revenue declining by 2.3% from 2012 to 2013.

A new OGS Cemeteries Locator database has recently appeared, presently highlighted by an entry on the right-hand menu from the main society webpage. It's one of several entries at http://vitacollections.ca/ogscollections/ and appears to be hosted by Our Ontario.ca.

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