28 April 2014

What do OGS, BIFHSGO and Rillington have in common?

I spotted a tweet about a One Place Study for the North Yorkshire community of Rillington, it's one of the latest, and it rang two bells with me.
Next weekend, at the OGS conference in St Catharines, Kirsty Grey, a founding member and Chair of One Place Studies, will be a speaker. That includes participating on the Social Media Panel starting at 8:15 am EDT on Saturday. It will be streamed out free via the links
Rillington is also featured in a presentation at the BIFHSGO conference next September. One of well known author Lucille Campey's presentations will be In My Mind I Oftentimes Visit Rillington: 
Canada’s Intrepid Yorkshire Settlers.

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Unknown said...

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society have produced a new version of the Parish Register for Rillington.

Second point is that I researched a few years ago if there were descendants of the Harrison family who went to Nova Scotia and we found them.

Tim Owston owston.tj@virgin.net