03 April 2014

St Paul's Cathedral WW1 embroidery

Clark, Clay, Eades, Grant, Mundy and Sadler. If you know of a relative of a Canadian soldier by one of those names who was hospitalized in England during WW1 you may want to read this post.
St Paul's Cathedral is looking for direct descendants of 133 soldiers badly injured during the conflicts as the Cathedral prepares to display a unique piece of embroidery crafted for the cathedral by the men.
Two of the above have service numbers listed in the post:
Alexander Grewan Grant, 922215, was living in Winnipeg at the time of attestation, born in Scotland.
Reginald Frank Mundy, 160920, attested in Calgary and was born in Staffordshire.
also easily identifiable are:
George Eades who was living in Timmins, Ontario and born in Berkshire.
Harold George Sadler attested in Niagara and born in London, England
Glenn Wright, who let me know about this endeavour, has tentatively identified other Canadians on the list

Hedley G. Brasnett (born Norfolk, England)
Edward Lawrence Clay
Harold Erskine Crosby
Harold L. Gibson
Edward Hodder (born in Loughborough, England)
William Oswald Hoodless (born in Lincoln, England)
Joseph Allan Lynas (born at Thorne, Yorkshire; his number should read MCG236)
James Ernest Muth
George Arthur Perry
Charles William Russell
Harold Wallace

Thanks to Glenn Wright for the tip.

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