29 April 2014

Zoomer show wrap-up

Lots of folks did enter to win the grand prize, including a year of Ancestry, a 2014 membership in OGS and Ottawa Branch and a membership in BIFHSGO, offerred at the OGS/BIFHSGO/City Archives booth at last weekend's Zoomer Show. There could only be one winner, and he was Neil Johnston of Gloucester

At the end of the weekend, we had talked to 630 visitors and the majority of them had never heard of any of our organization before, although they were either interested in genealogy or had been researching for some time. We had a variety of questions on researching, software, resources and even adoptions. Hopefully, some of this folks will be in touch for help in moving forward in the hobby.

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Mike More said...

John, whenever I help at the booth at events like this, I am amazed at the number of people who are working on their genealogy but have not bothered to seek out a local group. In Ottawa, the monthly presentations are open to the public. As I said to a number of the folks at the Zoomer Show, come out to and learn from the mistakes that the rest of us have already experienced :-)