13 July 2014

AncestryDNA for $49US

You may be able to take advantage of this special from Ancestry for their autosomal DNA test, but you'll need to jump through a few hoops to get it.

From the AdoptionDNA Tools mailing list, via Arthur Owen.

"Using my normal Ancestry.com userid, when I went to dna.ancestry.com with FireFox it showed the normal price of $99 US. I tried using IE, again with my normal userid, and the price was now $79 US.  Finally, using my android tablet, I went to the same page and I got the $49 US price. So I'm not sure whether the deal is only for orders from android/ios devices or what, but I could not get the $49 US price via my Windows laptop."

See also http://upsdownsfamilyhistory.com/2014/07/ancestrydna-offers-49-autosomal-test/

As AncestryDNA does not send their kits to Canada shipment to a US address is required. I've used the UPS Store in Ogdensburg which charges $5 per item.

Thanks to Arthur for the tip.

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