13 July 2014

TNA Annual Report, 2013-14

The Annual Report and Accounts of The National Archives, 2013-14 is now available at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documents/annual-report-13-14.pdf

TNA responds to multi-dimensional demands. Of particular note for the public client are achievements under "We make the record accessible"

In 2013-14, we provided more than 670,000 original records to people at our building in Kew, delivering these records from our repositories on average within 31 minutes of their order. Records we have made available online were downloaded more than 202 million times and our UK Government Web Archive was used by more than a million people every month. We answered 38,000 telephone enquiries and 36,000 written enquiries and continued to provide our popular Live Chat service, through which users can talk to our experts online.
In evaluating performance against 33 business priorities most were achieved, only seven were rated as partially achieved.

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