17 July 2014

findmypast adds Staffordshire parish records

The latest serving of new records from findmypast is 1,273,932 baptism records from around 200 parishes; 87,988 banns records from 111 parishes; 638,723 marriage records from 213 parishes and 868,062 burial records from 174 parishes. The dates are 1538 to 1900 except for the banns which start in 1653.
These Staffordshire records include page images, an "initial release of parish registers is digitized from pre-existing microfilm. There will be a later release of registers digitized from the paper originals in due course."
My family history has two lines with long histories in the county I established years ago using the IGI. There's no excuse now for not going back and confirming the research from the better source.

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Gail Roger said...

Oh golly, another thing to distract me from what I'm actually supposed to be doing! With ancestors in Wolverhampton, Stafford, Stone, Colwich, etc., this is amazing news! Already I've been tracking the residences and occupations of my great-great-great grandfather in Stafford through the christenings of his nine children. Residences and father's occupations, as you know, are rarely included in Family Search's transcription. I can now pinpoint when he became an innkeeper and confirm that he did work for the railway at some point. Thanks for passing this on!