20 July 2014

London in 3D

Recognize this building? Google now have 3D mapping of inner city London in Google Earth and on Google Maps (when you zoom right in.)  To access the view in Google Maps, click the “Earth” button on the bottom left, then click the tilt button below the compass on the right, to access the 3D view. via a Mapping London blog post.

You'll need to use your imagination if you want to see how the city looked when your ancestors lived there. Get inspiration from this video.

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Denis Bourque said...

Hi John, I haven't tried this Google Maps approach to 3-D, but I've often used the Bing.com 3-D view. Go to Bing.com, select 'maps' (upper left), enter your target location (e.g., Tower of London, London, UK), zoom in (use +/- in upper right) , then select "Bird's Eye" in upper left (instead of 'Aerial view'). You'll get a great 3-D view, which you can continue to Zoom in and, most significant, rotate (upper right corner) to see the target from 4 different directions (allow time for the image to update between rotations). Great views and perspectives. I've even looked at cemeteries this way.