29 July 2014

Every Man Remembered

It's never been easier to enshrine the memory of WW1 generation service, even a century later.

The latest, reported by the BBC, is the Every Man Remembered database from the Royal British Legion that allows people to commemorate relatives or someone they knew, or find a person for whom no-one has yet left a tribute. Despite the use of the word Man the project covers every serviceman and woman who died in World War One, and not just British forces. Those from every Commonwealth country are included, a total of 1,117,077 service personnel.
You can add a summary and longer story. Strangely the word kill is forbidden, replaced by asterisks so that skill becomes s****. The site asks for a donation, £10 to "buy a poppy" or more.

Everybody's doing it, and seeking funds. There's the previously mentioned Imperial War Museum's "Lives of the First World War" project. For Canadians who died information can be added to the Canadian Virtual War Memorial - without any donation requested.

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