08 July 2014

Survey Results: Top 10 Family History Online International Resources

Thanks to the 410 people who responded, and those who publicised this survey. The question was

During the past three months which of the following INTERNATIONAL online facilities have you used to pursue your family history interests?

There were some surprises. Here are the top 10 (actually 11 as there was a tie for 10th).

1. Ancestry: 92% (ancestry.com is 722 in Alexa rank; ancestry.co.uk is 7,217 in rank)
2. FamilySearch: 86% (4,393 in Alexa rank)
3. Email: 75% (this really surprised me. I expected email to be #1)
4. Google search: 71% (another surprise, google.com is Alexa rank 1)
5. Blogs: 60% (not so surprising an many respondents came via a blog)
6. Facebook: 54% (number 2 in Alexa rank)
7. Rootsweb: 52% (good to see this veteran genealogy social network hanging in there)
8. Google books: 51% (I was surprised to see this come in ahead of the Internet Archive)
9. findmypast: 45% (findmypast.co.uk has Alexa rank 15,470; the .com site ranks 79,472)
10. webinars: 41% (came in just one vote ahead of #11)

Come back tomorrow for the next ten.


GeniAus said...

Thanks, John. I always enjoy your surveys.

Susan said...

Thank you John, this is very helpful to genealogists, and very likely and aid for speakers and societies to assist them as to what are the current rankings for resources.