19 July 2014

Toronto History Lecture

A brief reminder about the fourth annual Toronto History Lecture which will take place on Wednesday 6 August at the City of Toronto Archives. The speaker is historian, author and York University professor Craig Heron on the topic of The Workers’ City: Lives of Toronto’s Working People.

Registration is now open.  More information at http://torontofamilyhistory.org/thl_2014/


Paul Jones said...

Actually, John, I believe registration is now closed due to being at capacity. Apologies if no one informed you. Cheers.

Jane E MacNamara said...

The Toronto History Lecture is, indeed, completely full! We are very grateful to our loyal early-bird supporters. If anyone would like to be on the email notification list for next year's event, they could send a message to: info@torontofamilyhistory.org