15 December 2014

Anglo-Celtic Roots Winter 2014

The 44 page Winter 2014 issue of BIFHSGO's quarterly chronicle is hitting mailboxes and supermailboxes full of the usual assortment of news and articles.
It includes the only article I've contributed this year, aside from the regular Cream of the Crop column with Ken McKinlay. Canada's 1914 War Dead looks at some of those who gave their lives in the first few months of the war when the Canadian Expeditionary Force had not yet arrived in France. Did you know three Canadians were killed in a battle in the South Pacific in November 1914?
There are two other military articles, by Betty Warburton and a writing competition piece by Brenda Turner.
Anne Renwick, another successful author in the writing competition, writes about an ancestral home and Wendy Crome on DNA.
Anglo-Celtic Roots is a BIFHSGO benefit of membership.

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