11 December 2014

LAC holds Stakeholders Forum meeting

"A group of key organizations from the Canadian library and archival communities participated in the Stakeholders Forum, hosted at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in Gatineau on December 9–10, 2014.
The Forum provided an opportunity for participants to share the priorities of their respective organizations and to discuss key issues of interest. LAC also took the opportunity to inform participating organizations about its directions for the future, and to exchange ideas on upcoming projects and initiatives."
That's the start of an information item tweeted out by LAC; read it at  . Scroll down that page and you'll see a photo and read the names of participants and the organizations they represent: Diana Davidson, Provincial and Territorial Public Library Council; Maureen Sawa, Canadian Urban Libraries Council; Cecilia Muir, Library and Archives Canada; Kathryn Harvey, Association of Canadian Archivists; Hilary Morgan, Library and Archives Canada; Christina Nichols, Canadian Council of Archives; Gerald Beasley, Canadian Association of Research Libraries; Paul Wagner, Library and Archives Canada; Ian Burnett, Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists; Guy Berthiaume, Library and Archives Canada; Marie DeYoung, Canadian Library Association; John McAvity, Canadian Museums Association; Carole Urbain, Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation; Dominique Marshall, Canadian Historical Association.

Recognizing that groups rarely come to grips with the tough issues at a first meeting this nevertheless looks like a good start.

How does LAC management intend addressing user issues, the largest group of which are family historians?

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