Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ottawa's Notre Dame Cemetery now on canadianheadstones.com

Yesterday in the November Benchmarks post canadianheadstones.com had 1,032,000 records. Now that's increased thanks to the completion of a two year project to photograph Ottawa's Notre Dame Cemetery. Interments there total 96,531 in 27,000 photos. This particularly valuable as it's the first and only complete online database for this cemetery.

Gail Dever, who drew this to my attention from a Facebook post, also mentioned that Ormond Protestant Cemetery, Dundas Co. Ontario was recently completed with 180 photos and over 700 entries.

And, Oxford Parish Anglican Cemetery, Oxford Mills, Grenville Co. Ontario was also recently completed with 275 photos and 823 entries.

Thanks to Gail for the tip. Look for news of more cemeteries on her Genealogy à la carte blog.

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Alex MacGregor said...

Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa has been on Canadian Gravemarker Gallery since about 2009. The site also has complete images of Pinecrest and Beechwood Cemeteries.

It's a shame that the different cemetery enthusiasts can't collaborate a bit more instead of duplicating one another's efforts.