19 December 2014

Coming in 2015?

Who Do You Think You Are Magazine blog has a list of 10 things in family history to look forward to in 2015. The top three are:

1) A potential change in legislation that would enable family historians to order digital copies of English and Welsh BMD certificates at a much lower price. Fingers crossed on this one – plus the wheels of government turn so slowly, who knows when family historians will see the benefit. Still, let’s hope, if it happens, that they set the price for a digital certificate at a sensible level.

Comment: Considering where this proposal sits, introduced as an amendment to legislation in the House of Lords, and the time it typically takes the British parliamentary system to adopt most non-urgent change, the chances of seeing any change implemented in 2015 are slim.

2) Irish Catholic parish registers coming online via the National Library of Ireland. Hopefully that will help me sort out my Caldwell family (that's them above!)

Comment:  As these will be page images of records, not indexed, for practical purposed you'll need a shrewd idea of where the event took place for these to be of benefit for most people.

3) The 1939 Register coming online. This will be a massive boon for those with 20th century brick walls.

Comment: Agreed. Considering there's no surviving 1931 census and the 1941 census was never taken this fills a big hole.

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