03 December 2014

Australia Builds on Trove

A shout out for a project based at Griffith University in Queensland involving a group of academics and citizen historians who are indexing the court trials in each Australian jurisdiction. They are being linked to Trove and newspaper reports providing a free online database of trials for research by anyone.
It's the type of project made possible by the existence of Trove and the ready availability of digitized and OCR'd Australian newspapers online. No need to reiterate how far behind Canada is in this respect thanks to the shortsightedness of the former Library and Archives Canada administration - aided and abetted by the Harper government's blatant neglect of our documentary heritage.

Based in part on a blog post http://helenvsmithresearch.blogspot.ca/2014/11/uncover-details-of-australias-criminal.html by Helen V Smith.

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