Monday, 22 December 2014

Bexley and Rydale Records at Findmypast

Kent, Bexley Asylum Minute Books 1901-1939
Bexley Asylum opened in 1898 and was London’s 7th asylum. Built on 750 acres of land next to Dartford Heath, the so-called ‘Heath’ Asylum housed 2,544 patients at its occupancy peak in 1915. None were there on a voluntary basis.

Containing over 11,000 records, the Bexley Asylum Minute books were transcribed by the North West Kent Family History Society and cover a wide range of material. Patients can be seen going on temporary release before their eventual discharge. Each record is a transcript of the original document that lists a patient’s or staff member’s name and age, the date of entry and a summary of the entry. This includes details of release and temporary release of patients as well as the hiring and promotion of staff, and tradesmen’s contracts.

Ryedale baptisms 

The Ryedale Baptisms contain over 12,000 records listing the details of Baptisms that took place in nine parishes across the Ryedale district in North Yorkshire. They are:  Allerston, Ampleforth, Bilsdale Midcable, Bilsdale, St Hilda, Birdsall, Bransdale, Cold Kirby, Ellerburn, Gilling East, Great Edstone, Middleton By Pickering, Old Byland, Rillington, Rosedale, Sinnington

Each record includes a transcript of the original parish baptism records that will usually include the child’s name, baptism date, birth date, residence, their parent’s first names, father’s occupation, place, any additional notes and the name of the officiating minister.

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