Monday, 26 January 2015

A Visit to 395 Wellington

On Friday I took the opportunity of a warmer less brutally cold day to follow up on some research at Library and Archives Canada.
Since BIFHSGO was forced to move its monthly meetings from the building, when the rental fee became excessive, I've had less occasion to visit.
I took the opportunity to see what's changed. On the second floor south, an area that used to house the National Library open shelf reference collection, the shelving has been removed and the carpet replaced. I hope management has plans for better use of this prime space which has been underused for many years.

At the far end of the room above, under the mural, is a set of double door leading to a little, or at least lesser known reference materials area. It too has had attention, the shelves seem less cramped than I remember them being. I was pleased to find the Ayres' and McKim's newspaper directories had been retained.
Some of the space is occupied by old library card catalogues. Judging by this notice they have not been updated since 1980. Is 35 years long enough for a decision to now be made that they should no longer be occupying prime downtown real estate. Perhaps they could be moved to the Canadian Museum of History as another element of inter-organizational cooperation.

Here's another space in the same area which has had some attention but is ripe to reevaluation of its use.

I found LAC staff as helpful as ever and quickly completed my research. Wandering over to the genealogy area where there is a display of recent magazines from Canadian societies and publishers I noticed the selection didn't correspond to the notice posted that these were the latest issues. The Spring 2014 issue of Anglo-Celtic Roots was the last available. Are later issues stuck on a staff member's desk?

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