Sunday, 11 January 2015

LostCousins Newsletter

I had to smile when I read in Peter Calver's first LostCousins newsletter of 2015

Warning: it's very difficult for writers who have a daily genealogy blog to review every site before they write about it, and as a result some simply republish press releases they've received. This isn't a criticism of the bloggers themselves - if I had to produce a daily newsletter I'd have the same problems as they do - but it is something readers should bear in mind.
Please take Peter's warning at face value. I do sometimes wonder about the value of some of the news I cover here, mainly as I'm no expert on everything I know is of interest to the blog readers. While I do usually try to add value to press releases it's up to you dear reader to pass your own judgement. If you think you can add additional perspective please don't hesitate to post a comment, positive or negative. All comments get posted after review except those that are abusive, very few of those, or obvious attempts to publicize an usually unrelated website, far too many of those.

Peter includes an unusually long item in the newsletter MASTERCLASS: Tracking down pre-1837 baptisms and marriage, worthwhile reviewing if you're researching in the pre-civil registration period in England and Wales.

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