Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Second Reading of Bill C-626 to reinstate the mandatory long-form census

I've previously mentioned Bill C-626, An Act to Amend the Statistics Act, which would reinstate the mandatory long-form census.  That Bill is on the order paper for debate in the House of Commons at second reading on Thursday, January 29.

I read that there is broad support for reinstatement from social science researchers across the country, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Medical Association.

Nation-wide on Wednesday January 28 a social media campaign is launching aiming to get this issue trending to bring mainstream media attention to the government's cancellation of the long-form census. If you support the aim of the Bill it would be helpful if you'd like or retweet any posts you see, or even better act on some of the suggestions at

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BDM said...

It looks like the bill is now projected parliament business on Wednesday February 4th.