18 January 2015

National Genealogy Conference in Canada: Regeneration

If you were interested in the program for the National Genealogy Conference in Canada, July 17 - 19, 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but previously found the price too steep for your budget you may want to think again. There's been a substantial price drop.
I don't see a full conference program yet -- the major speakers are  Dave Obee, Dr. Terrence Punch, Josh Taylor, Sylvie Tremblay, and Peter Sibbald. There will be networking opportunities, time for round-table discussions and optional tours.
As organizer Heidi Wilker writes "this is more than just a conference – it is a Halifax Experience! Halifax, and its province of Nova Scotia, have played a tremendous role in the history and ancestry of so many people throughout the world.".
If you've been looking for an opportunity to visit Atlantic Canada this may be just the opportunity you shouldn't miss.
Go to www.visiontravel.ca/heidiwilker for information and registration.


Mary Anne said...

Glad to see they've lowered the cost! The previously quoted cost of over $800 was just silly.

Unknown said...

I live in Halifax and as a long time family historian am glad to see that such a conference is happening here. Will I attend? I want to but the agenda is too tame so far. Very basic and not personal at all. I think there are many of us who would like to participate but need to get our money s worth. There s a brilliance of local information, original sources and expertise that don't seem to be on the radar here, like it is all planned from afar and tied to Pier 21. But this is a first site of North American history going back hundreds of years, and there are many themes that might make better use of the location. Is there still planning to be done? I read about this from Doug Grant s Loyalist Trails site; why isnt he involved? Terry Punch and the Irish immigrants? Scots who have had a huge influence in this province? Acadians? Planters? First Nations have some wonderful things going on here. The east coast trade routes? US. Canada migrations? Pirates even? You re just missing so very much. What I m seeing could be happening anywhere. So many people have introductory genealogy now that it isnt worth making the trip downtown. Pick up your game, planners. There might still be time.