Monday, 19 January 2015

Too Old for Genetic Genealogy?

I was copied on this email (identifying information deleted) to be filed under "you're never too old."

My age is 93.  I am now in a Senior's home. I have  been deeply into DNA and found I am descended from Donald, Cameron , 19th Chief Clan Lochiel.

DNA is certainly  the defining factor  in our heritage. Unfortunately I am too old to participate in many activities.  Many things  are  currently changing in this enterprise which are making it more difficult to follow on the computer.

I heartily recommend having one's DNA analysed. I used FAMILY TREE  DNA which I have found most satisfactory, but it is changing dramatically. DNA is not the end of searching. There are SNP's which identifyother characteristics, etc. Many new things are surfacing.

Thank you to all who labour on in this field. Don't give up!
In a recent survey nearly 50% of genealogists responded they were interested in genetic genealogy but hadn't taken a test. To those I say, "What are you waiting for -- until you're 93?"

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