Friday, 30 January 2015

Findmypast Friday Additions: Essex and Warwickshire

Continuing to build its collection of parish register transcripts, this week Findmypast has added over 845,000 parish records from Warwickshire and over 600,000 from Essex.

Warwickshire baptism Index, 1538-1900, contains 242,700 records
Warwickshire marriage Index, 1538-1900, contains 439,940 records
Warwickshire burial index, 1538-1900, contains 163,200 records although more than 1,200 have no name or identifying information associated. A few others include a description such as A Poore Wayfaring Man, A Stranger, A Traveler Woman From Brooks. More have only a first name.

Essex baptisms index, 1538-1900, contains 247,271 records
Essex banns Index, 1754-1950, contains 25,904 records.
Essex marriage Index, 1538-1900, contains 136,952 records
Essex burial Index 1538-1900 contains 192,135 records and has fewer anonymous entries than Warwickshire, but still with its share of entries lacking a name but with a description such as A Nurse Child, A Poor Man, A Soldier.

This week Findmypast has also released records of Kindertransport, the British scheme to rescue Jewish children from Nazi occupied regions, over 425,000 births, marriages and deaths from Tasmania, Australia and, the Ohio Obituary Index, 1814-2013, referencing over 2.7 million obituaries that were printed in Ohio newspapers.

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