Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ontario Genealogical Society Conference Survey

Please take a few minutes to take the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference Survey. The OGS Conference Advisory Committee is looking for your input into future Society Conferences.
You don't have to be an OGS member, nor have attended one of their annual conferences, to complete the survey.
OGS is a sharing organization so I'm sure will share a summary of the results which will help not only OGS but other similar organizations.


Mike More said...

John, I see no reason not to share when we have finished the analysis. So far there have been no big surprises in the results. We have had over 250 responses, included 8 form the US and one from Australia. 71% are female and most in the upper age groups; Nobody under the age of 25 has yet completed the survey. Only 21% are not interested in DNA but, as you noted elsewhere, 46% have yet to be tested.

Mike More said...

We have had over 300 submissions to the survey, so will close it this weekend and start to analyze the information. Thanks to all who contributed