Thursday, 29 January 2015

Migration To, From and Within the British Isles

Exodus: Movement of the People was a conference organized in September 2013 by the Halstead Trust. A legacy is a series of short articles on various aspects of immigration, emigration, migration, stories of immigrants made good and on the present Relics of Empire.

You may be interested in the articles on Palatine Migration into England,  Short Sea Migration to the UKDiaspora in the East End, The Silk Weavers of Spitalfields, Migration to the UK in Pre-history,

Some of those with a Canadian connection are: Newfoundland "the other Ireland", Empire Settlement Schemes After WW1, The Great Migration of Canada, Assisted Emigration from Ireland, Barnado's Emigrant Children, The Female Middle Class Emigration Society, Irish Diaspora and the Typhus Epidemic of 1847, Fur Traders in Canada, the Hudson's Bay Company, Britain's Child Migrants, The Petworth Project, Emigration to Upper Canada in the 1930s. The Absurd and the Brave, From Yorkshire to Nova Scotia: reflections on a Migration ,,, and more


Leanne Cooper said...

Thanks for these great articles. I've read a couple of interest, but will surely explore this site further at a later date.

Note that the link to the last article, "From Yorkshire to Nova Scotia: reflections on a Migration", leads to a different article. Here's the correct link:

Else Churchill said...

Hi John.

Glad you found these articles useful. I was the programme secretary for the Exodus conference in 2013 so I'll pass on your compliments to the conference webmaster.

Else Churchill

Janice Nickerson said...

Wow! These are really great. Thanks for sharing, John.