Monday, 13 June 2016

BIFHSGO adds Scowcroft Diaries - a new Lancashire resource

Thanks are due to Arthur W. Critchley, who transcribed and compiled amalgamated indexes from several diaries owned by his Lancashire Scowcroft relatives and him, and Bryan Cook who worked to make these available free online through BIFHSGO.

The diaries, and associated material, cover east-central Lancashire, England from 1772 to 1910, mainly the 19th century. More than 1,000 surnames are mentioned. There is free access from

You can never be sure what you'll find in a diary. As a former meteorologist I was interested in these remarks:

Dec 7 1909 Said to be the coldest day in Belfast for 62 years.
Jun 16 1910 Had a faint attack caused by burning papers. Was a very hot day.
Apr 27 1861 Fall of snow this morning. Fine afternoon but the hills still
Mar 28 1881 Another fall of snow during last night. The hills Edgeworth, Holcombe, etc.,
have not been clear of snow for 12 weeks.
Feb 11 1900 Started (sic) to be the heaviest fall of snow for 15 years
Dec 27 1906 The heaviest fall of snow for some years. Snowed on Dec 28, 29 and 30
1906. Very deep.

Jul 1828 Great flood.
Aug 13 1886 Severe rain, hail and thunderstorm washed the Smithy floor up at
Bradshaw Chapel. 
Oct 14 1881 Extraordinary storm, wind and rain blew several trees down about here.
Did much damage throughout the country. A man and horse killed at Bury by a building
being blown down. (Note: a devastating storm is covered in Historic Storms of the North Sea, British Isles and Northwest Europe by Hubert Lamb).
Jan 24 1884 Very strong wind blew a chimney down at Elton, near Bury. Killed three


Bryan Douglas Cook said...

Thanks John for the coverage. It is indeed gratifying that someone actually has delved in! Bryan

Anonymous said...

John and Bryan, this is a very odd coincidence. I have been working for two days on some research for a distant cousin in Victoria on her ancestors, guess where, in Little Lever, Lancashire! Their names were Taylor and Leach. I have not started work on the Taylors yet, but there are many listed in the index and they may relate to this family. If nothing else, these diaries also provide terrific background! Many thanks, Brenda