Monday, 27 June 2016

The Shared cM Project update

Blaine Bettinger, DNA expert and scheduled speaker for the OGS conference next year in Ottawa, has posted an update to this project examining the statistics of more than 9,500 entries.

This blog post summarizes the findings which are discussed in detail in this pdf.

Note that you may share no DNA with a third cousin, second cousin once removed and more distant relatives.

There's even a slight overlap between the amount of DNA shared by siblings and half siblings, although you'd be unlucky if results fell in the ambiguous range.

Check out the data to get an idea of the range of possible relationships a particular number of shared cM implies. 40cM could be a 1st cousin twice removed (1C2R), 2C1R, or 3C down to 5C2R. Could it be even more remote for endogamous populations?

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