Thursday, 9 June 2016

Maps at Carlingwood

According to a tip from BIFHSGO President Barbara Tose there's a pop-up vendor at Ottawa's Carlingwood mall, Guenter Dreeke from Exeter, ON, selling historic maps. He's there through Saturday in a booth in the western aisle at Carlingwood near the Rexall Drug store and Bell World.

Quoting from Barbara's note.

He has a wide selection of matted maps from all around the world, including a fine selection of England, Scotland and Ireland. He has (had?) all the shire maps for Scotland at the moment and a coloured map of Ireland from the 1860s. Prices vary depending on the size and rarity of the item (the 1860 Irish map was $125; maps of English counties ran between $25 and $35 for the most part). He also has quite a selection of Ontario county maps from various periods, some coloured, some not. His collection includes maps from other countries as well including Europe, the Americas, and Asia. There are also prints from County atlases and other "works of art" on paper. The ones I looked at were all in pretty good shape and nicely matted, ready for framing. I can't guarantee the paper they are on isn't terribly acidic as I don't know if they have been treated. For the period we are talking about, paper is notorious for being of poor quality and acidic. Still maybe that's the charm of historic maps.

Thanks to Barbara for the tip.

The map illustration is from Wikimedia Commons at,_Scotland_,_Ireland_)_-_Geographicus_-_BritishIsles-janvier-1771.jpg

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Bryan Douglas Cook said...

Gunter said thanks for the publicity and I say thanks for the map I found of my partner's 19th century origins. Good prices if you pay in cash. Bryan