Sunday, 19 June 2016

Immigration to Canada 1815 - 2015

In the course of researching in Canadian Sessional Papers for data on home children immigration I came across a table that may be of interest. It's titled Total Emigration from the United Kingdom for each of fifty-six years from 1815 to 1870 and is found as Appendix A to Sessional Paper no 64 for 1871. Plotted and shaded in blue is the data for North American Colonies. The large emigration peak in 1847 associated with the potato famine stands out.
It is not directly comparable with the data plotted in red, which is for immigration to Canada and (supposedly) includes all countries of origin. The sources from Statistics Canada are  051-0037 International migration components, Canada, provinces and territories (1946-2015) and the publication Historical Statistics of Canada(catalogue number 11-516-XIE).
The UK publication for the early period which has data for the US, Australia and New Zealand, and All Other Places as well as North American Colonies is copied below.

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