Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Perth historical mapping project

Here is a notice from the Perth & District Historical Society announcing a particularly interesting meeting for those with an interest in maps.

Our June 16, 2016 meeting will feature a demonstration of the Historical Mapping Project, presented by Barrie Crampton, in the Algonquin College Library, Perth Campus, at 7 Craig Street.
The Historical Mapping Project is a legacy venture commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement.  It is available as an online database showing the individual plots assigned to the original soldiers and settlers in the area, and is able to track ownership from the original settlers through their descendants or subsequent families who assumed residency on these lots.  The project’s team members will demonstrate the resources used by them in their work.  
Barrie Crampton – project leader, will introduce the Project Team, from the beginning research of old records to the compilation of documents and the development of data systems.  He will acknowledge the role played by other team members, such as Marie White of Lanark County Tourism.  
Ann MacPhail – Algonquin College Library technician, responsible for the research of the historical land records in the archives, transcribing the microfilmed records from over 8000 hand written family names and 3800 lots for entering into the computer database.  
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology – a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of geographical and records data for presentation on a land based map.  
Jeff Dean and Shawn Warner – CGIS Perth used resurrected historical maps and employed GIS to provide the historical map locations and relevant historical data about the early military and settlers.  
Ron Shaw – well-known local author will show how the project can be utilized in historical research.  Also, one of the team’s summer students will report on the usage of military and ships records as compiled by Shaw that were integrated with the geospatial map information.  
The evening will include demonstrations of research outcomes based on the attributes of GIS based mapping.  Note: the Algonquin College Library is equipped with a number of computers that will be made available for those in attendance who may wish to access the online historical maps or request mentoring assistance from team members.  
Please join us for the demonstration and online access opportunity.  

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