Saturday, 18 June 2016

Perth Military Settlement Map and Searchable Database

If you have an interest in the Perth Military Settlement, or in what can be achieved by way of mapping technology by a group of volunteers motivated by a community anniversary, in this case a 200th, take a look at

The website describes the project as "taking mapping to a whole new  – or old – level."

They took the Land Registry (Office) abstract indexes from as early as 1816 and the original land patent holder, added information from location tickets of civilian settlers, and mapped it. The interest for the genealogist with ancestry in the area is evident. For the historian it's instructive to see where grants were awarded in relation to one another - where the UE (United Empire Loyalists), DUE (daughters of UE) and SUE (sons of UE) or where settlers who arrived on a particular ship received grants.

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