Monday, 20 June 2016

Findmypast updates

I'm wondering if there's anyone with a diverse enough assortment of ancestors that they would find ancestors in each of these four newly updated record collections from Findmypast.

Yorkshire West Riding Marriages
Over 49,000 new records from Yorkshire's West Riding complete the collection of Yorkshire Marriages which now contains over 2.4 million records spanning almost 400 years.

If you're wondering if your parish is covered for the time period of your interest there MAY BE help by consulting the handy list at It has separate lists by parish for all Yorkshire Ridings for baptisms (the title is missing), banns, marriages and burials, but only for parishes with initial letters A to L. Let's hope this useful list is a work in progress, not one abondoned. I stand corrected by Donna's comment below.

Britain, Knights of the Realm & Commonwealth index
An update, now with details of over 35,000 individuals who were awarded an order of chivalry by a British monarch. This may be adding awards from recent honours lists, perhaps even the recent Birthday Honours Lists which may be found at

Ireland Dog Licence Registers
343,000 records are added to this collection which now comprises over 6.3 million records from 1865. You may find you know more about your ancestor's dog than your ancestor.

Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers 1828-1912
Another update, over 547,000 new records to a collection that now contains over 22.5 million records, vastly more than the population of Ireland. This early collection includes details of victims, witnesses and the accused, such as address, date in court, details of the offence, details of the verdict and the sentence.

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Donna said...

The Yorkshire parish list is A-Z. The first column in the table is A-L and a few columns to the right it continues the list L-Z. Thanks for pointing this list out to us.