Friday, 10 June 2016

New on Ancestry

Two volumes of the Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry, 1897-1909 and 1909-1914, each with over 8,000 entries lead off this report on a spate of new records on Ancestry. Compiled from the pages of the The Canadian Jewish Times, the records include familial and social relationships, communal activities as well as religious ceremonial events like birth and death dates, Bar Mitzvah celebrations, engagements and marriages.

If like me your British ancestry has a Dutch flavour you'll appreciate a massive addition of Dutch language records to Ancestry.
Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1570-1938, 1,226,543 records.
Netherlands, Burial Index, 1546-1821 846,033 records
Netherlands, Dutch East India Company Crew Index, 1633-1795, 837,467 records
Netherlands, Newspaper Announcements Index, 1795-1945, 5,057,039 records
Netherlands, Civil Marriage Index, 1795-1950, 22,932,495 records
Netherlands, Baptism Index, 1569-1879, 6,849,947 records
Netherlands, Population Registers Index, 1850 - present, 4,606,064 records.

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