Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Additional Who Do You Think You Are? Live Speakers’ Handouts

A couple more handouts have been added since last mentioned. Here's the complete list to date from the Society of Genealogists website.

Peter Bailey  (Saturday 8 April) Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records in British India - Not Available in the "India Office" Records
Paul Carter (Saturday 8 April 2017) Six Tips for Publishing Your Research on the Web
Else Churchill (Thursday 6 April 2017 & Saturday 8 April 2017) The Society of Genealogists On and Off Line
Else Churchill (Thursday 6 April 2017) Country Bumpkins.Tracing Rural Ancestors
Else Churchill (Friday 7 April 2017) I'm Stuck. Some Ideas for Solving Genealogical Problems
Else Churchill (Saturday 8 April 2017) Tracing Women Ancestors
Peter Christian (Thursday 6 April 2017) Parish Registers Online. Here is a link to Peter's website where you will find a PDF of his slides
Gill Draper (Saturday 8 April 2017) Going Back In Time. Free Resources for Finding People 13th-19th Centuries
Brian Donavan (Saturday 8 April 2017) The Digital Revolution in Irish Genealogy
Mary Evans (Saturday 8 April 2017) Don't Believe Everything You Read  - or Hear!
Janet Few (Thursday 6  April 2017) Engaging Young Children in Family History
Janet Few (Friday 7 April 2017) The Ones That Got Away.Tracing Elusive Ancestors
Celia Heritage (Friday 7 April 2017) Surnames and Family History
Doreen Hopwood (Thursday 6 April 2017) Where Did They Come From and Why?
Dr Jane Howells (Thursday 6 April 2017) Townies. Ancestors in Small Market Towns
Tahitia McCabe (Friday 7 April 2017) Top Tips for Citing Your Sources:Create Quality Family Trees
Sue Mitchell (Thursday 6 April 2017) In Pursuit of Lots! Using Forenames to Build the Family Tree
Sue Mitchell (Saturday 7 April 20170 Do As I Say Not As I Did. Confessions of an Imperfect Genealogist
Robert Parker (Friday 7 April 2017) A Quick Guide to Getting Started
Robert Parker (Top Tips for racing Tour Ancestors 1939-1845
Michelle Patient (Thursday 6 April 2017) Creating a Family History Website
Erc Probert (Thursday 6 April 2017) Land Tax Assessments in a Nutshell
Mike Sharpe (Saturday 8 April 2017) True Brummies. Birmingham Research Before 1837
Erin Tilley (Friday 7 April 2017) How to get Your Kids Interested in Genealogy
Sylvia Valentine (Saturday 8 April 2017) Delving into Workhouse Records
Graham Walter (Friday 7 April 2017 & Saturday 8 April 2017) Five Killer Ap;s for Family Historians

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