Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ottawa DNA Group May Meeting

On Saturday come to the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood, for a meeting of the BIFHSGO sponsored DNA Group.
The topics this meeting is DNA Great Moments and Technical Updates

Bill Arthurs — “How YDNA test results have recently revolutionized the Titus One Name Study and opened up new great questions.”

Arthur Owen — "Visual Phasing for Grandparents using Cross-over Events."
Arthur will briefly discuss the theory behind the methodology, show the required steps to reconstruct a chromosome, how to use existing 2nd cousin matches to assign segments to the four grandparents, and discuss some of the problems you may encounter.  

John D. Reid — "Living DNA."
British company Living DNA offers a combined SNP test of mitochondrial (Motherline), Y-chromosome (Fatherline) and autosomal (Family Ancestry) DNA for $199. A selling point is 21 sub-regional resolution of autosomal genetic ancestry within the UK and Ireland in recent times (originally 4-5 generations, now 10 generations). How well does the service live up to the promise?

There will be a draw for an AncestryDNA test. Proceeds will support sponsorship of a DNA session at the June OGS conference. Tickets are a toonie each, three for $5.

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