Sunday, 28 May 2017

Shocking DNA Results! Really?

Check out this YouTube video of someone revealing their AncestryDNA test results. I was going to ignore it until she mentioned she was born in Canada.

It's unfortunate that she didn't take the time to look at the uncertainty bars for her "shocking" 12% Iberian. She'd see the range of uncertainty includes 0%. Clearly the uncertainty is too well hidden for this client, and I suspect for many others. Is that deliberate?


Peter Munro said...

I don't know where the uncertainty bars are or what they mean,

Could you elucidate ?

I imagine that most Polish/German Jews were Ashkenazi Jews but some inter-marriage with Sephardic Jews occurred (the word Sephardic comes from the Hebrew word for Spain).

It's quite possible, therefore, that Emily's maternal grandfather might have Sephardic markers and thus genes indicating Iberian Peninsula ancestry.

JDR said...

Peter: It's easy. Just click on the item in the Ethnicity Estimate table and a small window opens below showing the error bar.