Friday, 5 May 2017

Irish Genealogy Guide – How to Trace Your Ancestors in Ireland

Just published by Cincinnati-based Family Tree Books, Claire Santry writes that while her primary audience is Irish-Americans its strategic approach to pinpointing a townland of origin can be applied by any Irish family historian, no matter where he or she lives.

Here's the table of contents:

Part 1: Linking Your Family Tree to Ireland

Chapter 1: Discovering Your Irish Heritage
Chapter 2: Jump-Starting Your Irish Research
Chapter 3: Identifying Your Immigrant Ancestor

Part 2: Getting to Know the Old Country

Chapter 4: Understanding Irish History
Chapter 5: Understanding Irish Geography
Chapter 6: Deciphering Irish Names and Surnames
Chapter 7: Civil Registrations
Chapter 8: Church Records
Chapter 9: Census Records
Chapter 10: Land and Property Records
Chapter 11: Printed Sources
Chapter 12: Probate, Law & Order, Military, and Occupation Records

Part 3: Using Advanced Sources and Strategies

Chapter 13: Putting It All Together: Case Studies
Chapter 14: What to Do When You Get Stuck

Appendix A: Latin in Irish Catholic Parish Registers
Appendix B: Irish Genealogy Research Societies
Appendix C: Irish Graveyard Research
Appendix D: Archives, Libraries, and Other Repositories in Ireland
Appendix E: County and Heritage Genealogy Centers
Appendix F: Publications and Websites

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