Friday, 26 May 2017

Canada’s Secret Archives

This is a follow up on yesterday's Free the Records post article. Canada’s Secret Archives is an article at written by Dennis Molinaro, who teaches history at Trent University, and the driving force behind the parliamentary petition.

As he writes

"The archives are not just a place for historians. They are a place for all academics to do research, a place for the public and the country to learn and discover themselves – warts and all. They are reflective of what the country has been and is today. What has happened with all this hoarding is a perversion of that, and of the laws that are supposed to exist to protect citizen access to government documents and preserve the country’s history."
Canada's 150th anniversary is the perfect occasion to put the records in their proper place.

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Anonymous said...

John, we now know that the British government caused the destruction and/or hiding of ... shall we say ..... sensitive documents during its rule and after of some of its African colonies, as per this report in 2012 in the Guardian:

What might the Canadian government be concealing in its failure to consign some of its documents to LAC? Perhaps from the Aboriginal population ....? Cheers, BT