Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancestry adds Canada, Fenian Raids Bounty Applications, 1866-1871

This database consists of bounty applications, 40,012 in total, for militia veterans having served during the Fenian Raids of 1866 to 1871 in Canada. It includes both successful and unsuccessful applications and consists of lists of names, applications (2 sided), both allowed and disallowed, for the bounty as well as some records relating to pensions for those who were wounded, taken ill or killed while on active duty. Application details available may include:

Name of Veteran
Muster Date
Muster Place
Discharge Date
and in the images information on the applicant role in the conflict.
According to Ancestry's description the Militia were called out in both Ontario and Quebec on several occasions, often for only a few days at a time. There are 9,463 application identified as from Ontario, and 5,797 from Quebec. New Brunswick saw a raid at Campobello Island, and there are 685 applications. The Nova Scotia Militia was also called out although no raid took place there. Nevertheless the most applications, 22,736 are from that province in this Ancestry database.

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