Wednesday, 10 May 2017

BIFHSGO: Best talk by a member

At the BIFHSGO May meeting next Saturday you will have the opportunity to vote for best talk by a member over the past year. The choices are:

  • Mostly at Sea: Captain Harry Grattidge, by Gail Roger
  • From Famine to Prosperity to the Longue Pointe Asylum: the Varied Life of John Patrick Cuddy, by Gillian Leitch
  • The Queen’s Coachman — Our Only Claim to Fame, by Christine Jackson 
  • Lanes, Trains & Parliament Hill, by Marianne Rasmus
  • First in, Last out: But What Came between 1914 and 1919?, by Irene Ip
  • Did Lucy and Isaac Actually Marry? And the Importance of Dying in the Right Sequence, by Brian Laurie-Beaumont
It can be a challenge to think back as far as last October, read the abstracts of the talks here.
Members can also view videos of the Roger, Leitch, Jackson and Ip presentations in the members only section at

Members who can't get to the meeting can cast their ballot using a form in the Members Only section of the society website and email it to the secretary.

I know which talk I'll be voting for.

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