05 March 2019

Another Rebranding: Family History Federation

It seems to be the season for rebranding.

The Federation of Family History Societies, UK based, is rebranding as 'Family History Federation'.

The announcement
Rebranding to Family History Federation will officially launch at Family Tree Live in April 2019 along with a new-look website.

The rebranding to Family History Federation acknowledges that the membership of the Federation is wider than just family history societies, encompassing a range of associated organizations. ‘Family History Federation’ also reflects how its focus is firmly on family history: the primary purpose being to encourage, educate and support all family historians.

The Family History Federation will launch at Family Tree Live, at Alexandra Palace on 26 April 2019 which is opportune as this new event is brought to London thanks to a partnership between Family Tree magazine and the Federation. A new website will showcase member organizations and act as a gateway for family historians to find the help and expertise they need to grow their tree.

Ian Waller, Publicity Officer for the Federation, said “As we move forward as a Federation we are working towards encouraging more and more people who pursue their family history to become actively involved in their local organizations and to make it easier for them to find help, gain knowledge and be aware of the many resources available to them as they pursue this absorbing hobby.”

Steve Manning, Education Officer for the Federation, added “The Federation has a long heritage, which we are very proud of, but it is still important to look to the future, so that the Federation can continue to help grow camaraderie among family historians and encourage them to tap into experienced groups well into the 21st century.“

About the Federation
The Family History Federation is an educational charity with member organizations throughout the world. Most of these focus on a particular geographical area or on a specific surname but there are other specialist organizations with associated disciplines. Using its website, social media and other means of communication, the Federation ensures that family history news, book reviews, and guidance on how to learn more about the subject are readily available to the general public as well as to its member organizations.

Maybe it's time to rebrand Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Nah! BT

Gail B said...

please do not rebrand.

We all understand and appreciate exactly what A-CC means and there is no need to change something so clear and to the point of the blog. Rebranding or even just 'branding' is pure marketeering terminology. Often used to monetize an industry.

Carry on the good work, John.