06 March 2019

Webinar: Build A Custom Keyword List For Your Digital Genealogy Files

On Thursday 7 March at 7 pm Art Taylor of Upper Canada Genealogy will present an OGS webinar “Build A Custom Keyword List For Your Digital Genealogy Files”

You may be familiar with the idea of using keywords with your digital images and other documents (WordPerfect documents; MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; PDFs) so you can easily and quickly find one or more specific files when you need them. Is there a convenient existing list you can download and use? For some subjects, yes, there lists available. Some are free while others need to be bought. However, there’s no universally useful list for genealogy files. Why? Each genealogist has unique needs for his or her files. Is there a solution for this barrier? YES! Learn how you can easily build a keyword list for your specific needs, including the names of relevant people, places, and events. See the questions to ask yourself. The answers to those questions will help you build a custom keyword list specifically tailored for your collection. Your custom list can be shared with others researching your family if you wish to do so.

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