24 March 2019

BREXIT: blame it on Henry VIII

In the April issue of BBC History Magazine columnist David Starkey argues that Henry VIII's break with Rome in 1532-33 established the idea of English exceptionalism and paved the way for BREXIT.
He points out that, while England became a pariah after the Reformation, it stimulated an enormous programme of internal investment, the concept of empire and an island that looked outwards across unknown waters.
Will this work in an era of globalization?
I was able to read this article owing to BBC History Magazine being available through PressReader, one of the online resources I access for free at home using the Ottawa Public Library website and my reader card. Many other libraries offer PressReader to their clients too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I've just discovered I can connect to Press Reader at our Sidney/North Saanich library.

And thanks for your posts.

Old Census Scribe said...

I wish Europeans really knew what a backstop is.