23 March 2019

New London Brompton Cemetery Free Database

South of Earl's Court, adjacent to the Chelsea  Stamford Bridge football ground lies Brompton Cemetery, a Royal Park and one of London's Magnificant Seven Cemeteries. Thousands of people have been buried there since it opened in 1840.
Between the trees are memorials to many notable people: artists, actors, activists and industrialists, as well as soldiers, scientists, sportspeople and socialites. It's where Nova Scotian Samuel Cunard, the founder of the shipping line, is interred.
There are also many ordinary people buried in common graves. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists 298 burials from the First World War, including three Canadians, and 81 from the Second.
The free Brompton Cemetery database contains over 200,000 records dating from 1840 captured from historic burial records. Search by the last name and (optionally) first name and year of death. From a search result, you can click through to see the location and an image of the original burial register.
Search from here.

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