20 March 2019

CWGC Evasive

A few weeks ago I made an enquiry to the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. Two tries did not yield the information I requested — just properly bureaucratic responses giving only information that is already available on the website.
I let it drop until yesterday, no point in pushing on wet noodles. Then I received an email with a link to respond to a survey on my satisfaction with their response. On clicking that link "Invalid Key" appeared. Responding directly to the request email returned "Address Not Found".
I'm not impressed.
That's in contrast to my admiration for the work of the Commission in caring for cemeteries and memorials and the information provided through cwgc.org.

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Anonymous said...

I phoned soon after your blog posting. I received a very good answer to my question.I was told when my grandfather's headstone at South March cemetery would be serviced. The person was very efficient and pleasant.

Anne Sterling