01 March 2019

Your Genealogy Today March/April 2019

The Problem With Half-Truths: White Lies and Genealogy 
Sue Lisk offers up five questions you should ask yourself while validating the work of other family historians.
Reminds me of the story of the man who passed away during an important civic function, held in his honor, when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.

Advice From the Pros
Diane L. Richard offers advice on hiring a professional genealogist in the US. Says nothing about hiring a professional genealogist elsewhere.

To Stalin’s Moscow and Back
Her child abducted by an ex-husband, an intrepid mother journeys to Russia alone – by Sandy Hack. Interesting story.

The Genealogy Adventure Vacation
Monty Joynes teams with a distant cousin to research the history of their shared family on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A very interesting story a visit to ancestral homeland and serendipitous discovery at an archives.

Who Was the Real Becky Thatcher?
Constance Cherba researches the woman who was the childhood companion of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Rosemary and Forget-Me-Nots
Robbie Gorr suggests creating a memory garden to acknowledge your roots and celebrate your ancestors. Combining interests for those as addicted to gardening as family history.

Regnal Years
David A. Norris examines an ancient method of marking time. He provides a link to convert these to our regular system —  it's not Ian's English Calendar I previously used.

Threads of Connection: A Guided Search
Sue Lisk recounts the discovery of a wayward cabinet card and how a stranger was instrumental in its homecoming. An eBay story.

Surname Stumblers: Don’t Get Tripped Up!
Susan Aucoin Clark offers strategies for overcoming the difficulties in deciphering names found in documents. A five page primer on names and deliberate or inadvertent name changes.

Coffee Mugs and Family History
David A. Norris looks at how history and genealogy shine from a collection of coffee mugs. There's history in everyday artifacts.

The Back Page
Dave Obee says: DNA is the key to revealing those illegitimate ancestors! Dave deals with a tsunami of matches.

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