08 March 2019

Findmypast Additions

British additions this week are:

Scotland, Dundee & Forfarshire (Angus) Hearth Tax 1691
Search over 50,000 Hearth Tax transcript records for Dundee and the county of Forfarshire (Angus) from 1691 to find out the number of hearths found within their home. Details such as this will provide you with clues about the family's wealth and status.

In 1690, Parliament granted a tax of 14 shillings on hearths including kilns. Heads of households, landowners, and tenants were liable for the tax, only hospitals and the poor living on charity from the parish were exempt from the tax. The money raised from the tax was then used to fund the army.

Scotland, People of Banffshire 1334-1851
Explore more than 28,000 extracts taken from original Kirk Session minutes. Responsible for parish business, and the morals of the parishioners, the Kirk Session was the lowest level of a church court and minutes typically contained a detailed account of the parish business.

British India Office Deaths & Burials
Over 2,000 additional records have been added to the Findmypast collection of British India Office Deaths & Burials. The new additions consist of endowment registers spanning the years 1897 to 1947. These registers document private endowments for the upkeep of graves. Please note, the year given will be between one and five years after the death or burial actually took place.

British India Office Deaths & Burials now contains over 594,000 records giving details about the deaths of those who died in the UK, British India, Burma and other territories connected to the India office (St Helena, Sumatra, Kuwait, Aden, Penang, Macao).

Other Additions

The major addition this week is about 7.1 million United States Obituary Notices for a total of over 32.6 million.

Global Records Update (Caribbean roots)
Three new indexes of births & baptisms, marriages and burials containing over 600,000 records and spanning the years 1590 to 1928 cover a variety of nationalities and countries including Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama.

PERiodical Source Index (PERSI)
Over 18,000 articles from a variety of publications have been added to the PERiodical Source Index.

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